Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Some really fantastic references:

One the most beautiful music i ever heard: (although it's not very "easy listening" at the beginning !)

these recordings are also wonderful:

Others Links related to Bach:

*The J.S. Bach Home Page Great !
*J S Bach/ FAQ Everything you always wanted to know about Bach (but were afraid to ask ...)
*JS Bach: Analysis of Canons & Fugues.
*Directory of /midi/scores/bach lots of MIDI files (ftp).
*Classical MIDI Archives - J.S.Bach More MIDI files ...
*Dave's J.S. Bach Page
*J S Bach Works List You can find there the complete BWV Index
* If you like Piano recordings. By the way, there is a mailing-list dedicated to Glenn Gould !

Bach is not the only one:

I also like:

A Quote : (in french ...)

" Sans Bach, la théologie serait dépourvue d'objet, la Création fictive, le néant péremptoire. S'il y a quelqu'un qui doit tout à Bach, c'est bien Dieu."

version française

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